CEO and Co-founder

An instant messenger for gamers. Sold to Viacom for $102 Million in 2006

Red Herring, April 24, 2006
Viacom Pays $102M for Xfire

“Online gaming community ties up with media giant for help with advertising to its young, male demographic. Viacom, in a move that amps up the gaming and online community offerings of its MTV Networks, said Monday it was set to pay $102 million for two-and-a-half-year-old startup Xfire. Xfire brings a valuable demographic for advertising revenues, said Viacom. The media giant will integrate its purchase with MTV Networks’ music, entertainment, and networking properties.”


Fortune, February 17, 2006
Is Xfire the next MySpace?

“Xfire, which only launched in January 2004, has three million passionate customers who use its PC software an astonishing average of 88 hours a month, according to Cassidy. More amazing facts: almost 300,000 new users join each month, and for two years the service has sustained a 2 percent-plus growth rate — weekly. Its users — in 100 countries (a slight majority are in the United States) — are online for 200 million minutes every day. The reason for the growth can probably be found in a core philosophy that puts users first.”


Forbes, September 6, 2004
Finding Friends & Foes
“Tens of millions of people play videogames online; the tricky part is finding your friends–and favorite foes–among them. Michael Cassidy can help. His company, Xfire, runs a Web site that is the TV Guide, maÓtre d’ and instant messenger of the gaming world. Cassidy’s service can point you to a buddy who is ready to play the game you want at any moment of the day or night. He already has a lot of friends to prove it. In eight months a million people in 100 countries have downloaded Xfire’s software.”