Stylus Innovation

CEO and Co-Founder

The first Microsoft based telephony application. Sold to Artisoft for $13 million in 1996.

BYTE Magazine, May 1996
Make Voice Response Sing
“Visual Voice Pro, from Stylus Innovation, employs custom controls, such as VBXes and OCXes, as well as DLLs that you can access from most applications development environments. Visual Voice Pro handles up to 24 calls simultaneously and supports Telephony API (TAPI)-compliant hardware, multi-line voice-response boards, and most fax modems.”

MIT TechTalk, May 13, 1998
Two teams win top prize in MIT $50K contest
“In another unprecedented move, Direct Hit donated its $30,000 winnings to the other finalists after announcing it had received a commitment for $1.3 million in funding. Making the event even richer, contest alumni/ae Krisztina Holly, John Barrus and Mike Cassidy, whose company Stylus Innovations won the grand prize in the 1991 $10K Competition, returned their original $10,000 award to encourage student entrepreneurship. Artisoft acquired Stylus Innovations in 1996 for $13 million.”