Direct Hit

CEO and Co-Founder

An early search engine. Sold to for $532.5 Million.


The Wall Street Journal, January 25, 2000
Ask Jeeves Agrees to Acquire Direct Hit for $532.5 Million
“Ask Jeeves, Inc., Emeryville. Calif., operator of an easy-to-use Internet search engine, said it agreed to buy closely held Direct Hit Technologies, Inc. for $532.5 million in stock, adding technology that will help users search for information ranked by popularity.”

The Washington Post, Sunday, January 24, 1999 
Business at Cyberspeed
“When the Web’s first search engines were created, there were few users on the Internet. It wasn’t until the Web popularized the network, and millions of people began adding documents and searching them, that anyone thought much about how computers could collect and analyze data on searching habits.”

Industry Standard, September 25, 1998
The Future of Search Engines
“Net users spend 50 percent of their time online conducting research, according to a recent Business Week/Harris poll, and the portals, no matter how many bells and whistles their sites have, know that a better search engine means more visitors.”